Innovator communication: The difference between telling and informing

The innovator strategy is to inform.

The difference between asking and telling is quite apparent.

Have you seen this video on Youtube?


You should watch this video on Youtube.

But what is the difference between telling and informing?

As an innovator myself, I have been wondering about this difference.

Conditioned as I was, I have responded a lot to ‘I think you should do this' or ‘This would be best for you'.

There you have it, when you took action upon what you were being told, you responded, like a generator.

That is not the healthy way for the innovator.

Informing would sound like: I have watched this video on Youtube, I really liked it.

Then it is up to you, the innovator, to make the decision. Okay, I am going to watch this video as well. (or not)

If your friend, close family member who’s 'opinion' you can appreciate, or you know they have your best interest in mind, you can consider if this is what is good for you, yourself. Making a decision like this without immediately responding to what someone else thinks or says you should do, makes a huge difference.

And then sometimes it would be nice if you would inform them back about your decision. Probably, if you say you will watch it, you will make the other person happy. If you inform them you are not going to watch the video, you will impact them as well... Still, the feedback is often much appreciated.

When informing your friends and family of something you think might impact them negatively, like saying that you are not going to watch the particular video even though they enjoyed watching it, you can clarify that it is not because of them. Consequently, at least they know you are not making this decision to hurt their feelings.

Explaining why you are not going to watch it is not informing anymore. Especially when you do not feel like telling others why you decide something, it would be people-pleasing behavior.

The Youtube video might seem like a silly example. Innovators, though, often do not realize they impact the people around them with little things as well. For me, it can be no 'big deal' at all, something I do not even think of as much. Still, it can impact the people around me if I just start doing what I planned or when I tell some news out of the blue.

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